Deciduous is a platform for socio-environmental expression and rewilding the mind.

David Durand-Delacre – Lead Editor

David Durand-Delacre

Lead editor David’s profile: David is an environmental geographer turned analyst for his day-job at the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network. Fascinated by the potential for intellectual hybridity in the field of geography, he split his studies at UCL and the LSE halfway between the social and physical sciences. When he’s not out and about treading the streets of Paris, he spends his spare time reading and film-going, reviewing his most intriguing and stimulating finds.

Karen Richardsen Moberg  – Sub Editor 

Karen Richardsen Moberg

Karen received her MSc in Environment and Development from the London School of Economics and Political Science in 2014. She also holds a BSc Hons in International Relations and Communication, Media and Culture from Oxford Brookes University. Currently residing in Sogndal, Norway, Karen works as a researcher on climate and environment at the social science oriented Western Norway Research Institute. Her role at Deciduous is separate from her position at WNRI and all views expressed here are solely her own except when they’re not. When she isn’t glued to her computer at work, nerding with a book, plotting over Deciduous or eating pizza, Karen can usually be found at the stables taking care of her animal companion, Lima the horse.

Kiran Multani – Sub Editor & Co-Founder

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Kiran is a photographer and yoga instructor based in New Delhi. She played an instrumental role in conceptualising and developing Deciduous as a creative platform. With a masters in journalism and communications, Kiran brings a unique perspective to socio-environmentalism. Her piece de resistance is a photo documentation of the 2014 New York climate change march, capturing a broad range of emotions and thought provoking protest slogans. In her spare time Kiran loves climbing trees. Check out her work on: www.kiranmultani.com 

Nitin Sukh – Founder

Nitin Sukh, Founder, Deciduous _

An ecological economist and admirer of great design, Nitin set up Deciduous when studying for a masters at the London School of Economics and Political Science and he’s currently the head of research at the Yes Institute in New Delhi. He grew up in Lagos, Nigeria and listens to a lot of afro jazz in the office.